the Loneliness of Singleness.

The loneliness of singleness comes with the loss of friends due to marriage, child-rearing and job changes. Not necessarily having a man or woman in your bed at night. Not that, that would not be something one should or would enjoy. Its just that for some of us we are not meant for that kind of relationship. Marriage or dating isn’t in the cards for everyone. Many singles will remain single and never marry or have a significant relationship. So our friendships become more important to us. The problem is we need to learn to have short term strong relationships. As soon as one of the members of the friendship relationship has a significant change in their lives the friendship has little choice than to suffer some. You will always remain friends, however, that friendship will take a back seat to all other relationships. Especially when one of them gets into a relationship. Because the only way for that relationship to grow the person must put their focus on them. If you get married your primary relationship becomes that with the spouse. When you have kids your focus is on the relationship of the children.

In Genesis 2:18, God states that it is not right for man to be alone. So he created woman. However, what happens when the woman is the one alone. No one was made for her. She was made for someone else. In many cases the woman isn’t wanted by any of the male creations. So what is she supposed to do when she is living her life alone and is constantly losing her friends. What does God have planned for her life. Its not marriage at least not at this point.

Most days being single means being alone. When friends are building other relationships the relationship you had will dwindle. It has no choice but to dwindle. Because the most important relationship in a persons life should be your marital and parental relationships. You have no helper. No one to go through financial struggles with. No one to lean on when things get tough and life gets scary. We hear so often of the struggles of married people. They believe they are the ones who have the most to deal with the most difficult things. But they fail to realize that they are going through these struggles with someone at their side. That is probably one of the reasons most of those relationships fail. Because they still think they are going through the life alone and they make the other person their enemy. If they bothered living through life’s difficulties with each other instead of against each other.

Losing a job as a single is difficult because you have no one who has a job who can help until you get back on your feet. You and you alone pay your bills. There is no money coming from anywhere. Then you add the emotional issues that come with this struggle. Its difficult to come home from a long hard day at work and not have anyone there for you. Being single has its struggles and being alone is the most difficult struggle.


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