Being a Woman

Sometimes I think its harder being a woman. Especially a Woman who wants to seek Gods will. It seems Gods will for women is to be submissive to husbands and have no say in her life. She is just to seek her husbands council and do mundane busy work. Maybe its because I am single and do not have children. But my house isn’t that hard to clean and I usually keep a clean space. If I had a family to make a mess I would see a stronger need to clean more often. It seems in this world we find men as being valuable and women are not really needed. You see study after study about how children need fathers. Yet no one these days seems to think moms are as needed. Women are to be mens cheer leaders, maids and lovers. I don’t see a value in that life. I want to be heard. I want to have a say. But as a woman I am not supposed to have a say in anything. Maybe my future husband will listen to my side but in the end he is the one who makes the decision so I might as well keep quite. Because my say doesn’t matter unless it is to agree with him in ever choice he makes. Then if something goes wrong I am to take the blame even though I didn’t have the say. When men cheat its seen as the woman’s fault not the mans. If the woman makes a mistake its solely her fault and men do not have to share in the blame. Women however need to share in the blame for the choices and decision men make. Even though she technically has no say. Then you have the added stress of having to be worthy of the man but looking your best at all times. Never ever fail in the looks department. For me this is hard. I have already failed in this aspect. Why I am single for a reason and the reason is I am physically unattractive and therefore unworthy of any man. Women have to earn a mans love at all times of the relationship. We have to make sure he is never ever ashamed of us in any way. Because if we fail in the looks department we have failed as wives for our husbands. Meanwhile men are given love and respect freely. They do not have to earn anything because we are already unworthy of them simply because we are the weaker inferior sex. Men are the stronger superior sex. Even God gave the full control and power over women. He made sure women knew where she stands in his eyes. She stands beneath all of his creation. We are the one thing he is fully ashamed of because we are the one and only creation that wasn’t part of the original design. We are his afterthought. I don’t see in any way how God loves women nor how men love their wives. If you have to earn love then you are not really loved.


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