I am so frustrated today. I had some hail damage to my car a few weeks ago. I turned my car into an Auto Body Repair shop which originally told me they would have the car finished by the first week. Well the next day they said the amount the insurance agent gave me would not be enough to fix the car properly. They had to get my insurance company to re-estimate the damages. By the end of the week they still hadn’t gone by to check out my car. The very next week the woman who works at the repair shop did an estimate. They must not have liked it I really do not know because it took the claims adjuster another week to get the claim done. They didn’t turn it into the insurance agent until this last Monday. So the insurance wastes more time and doesn’t give the repair shop the estimate until today. Which only means I cannot get my car until next week. I have had to drive around in a rental. I have to pay for out of my own pocket while everyone else is procrastinating. I finally blew today. I told them that I am going to pick up my car tomorrow and that they are incompetent and do not deserve to get paid. I want my car back and I don’t want to listen to any more excuses as to why they haven’t even started on working on the car. I was told they would order the parts the week before I even took my car into the company. They obviously didn’t so Now I must suffer. I don’t understand why all this is taking forever. I got the original estimate within two weeks and this whole processes is just so frustrating. If they tell me they understand I might just blow again. If they understood they would have been done by now instead of stringing me along for so long. I actually have a check in my purse for the repairs from the insurance agents from the first time I got the estimate. They told me to hold onto the dang thing until I picked up the car. Yet they cannot start until they get the next check. I do not understand why they have done absolutely nothing. What is the most frustrating is that they have told me they would keep me informed yet have not informed me about anything until I finally call them. If they had bothered to tell me in the first place that the insurance company was being slow I could have lit a fire under them and gotten them to work faster. I yelled at two women at the repair shop and sent four messages to the insurance company. I feel guilty about bashing these two women. They did not deserve my outburst. I should have waited to before calling them but I didn’t. Then I called again before I was even calm enough to talk kindly to these women. Imperfect Progress is right. I thought I was dealing with this minor inconvenience but I haven’t done a good job. I cannot afford to pay one more week for this rental. It has cost me more than it should have in the first place. I think I should reread Unglued and take more notes. Because I am at the end of the book and I am wondering what I have learned if anything.


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